About Me

Hello and Welcome to WiN (Word Inspired Network)


I’m ”Lady D”, Bible-Life Coach, Author and Founder of WiN. 

I want you to know that this site was created with you in mind, by inspiration of God, the Father and the absolute head of our lives.

I personally, am a lover of scripture.  I love the people of the Bible, I love navigating their journeys, and studying their linage, culture and times.  

Without question, the people of the Bible are as real, vulnerable, and humanly flawed as people today. However, I am certain that once you’ve made the connection to the true purpose, plight and destiny of the Bible patriots,  you will respect them for their part in biblical history, and become a lover of scripture too.  

In today’s societies, people are quick to look to sources other than God’s Word, in search of answers to the challenges they face in life. They fail to realize, that all of what we need to overcome life difficulties ,can be found in the pages of our “BIBLE”. 

The Bible is God’s gift to us. It is our, “how-to guide.”  If we pay attention, we can easily determine that the Bible serves as a visual representation of man’s journey from sinner to saint. Which ultimately, makes the Bible the single most important tool in one’s pursuit of atonement and faith.                                         

Hosea 4:6 says, My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  

That’s why I’m committed to coaching you through the Bible, in a way that makes the awesome and sacred writings come to life. You will meet the people of the Bible for the first time, we will visit where they lived,  see where and how they traveled, and come to understand what they believed and why.  

You are going to find from their very publicly-documented, life-stories that ”LIFE  is about choices,” and that poor choices are made in the absence of knowledge and discipline in God’s Word.

Come, join me as we explore the lives and decisions of those who came before us. Together we will discover applicable Biblical principles for successful living.

I am excited for you and all that you are about to venture. I hope you will find my sharing of the scriptures as insightful and eternally beneficial to your life’s journey, as they are to mine.

God Bless You,

_Lady D

We’ve all heard the expression, knowledge is “POWER”,  
but in the absence of biblical-knowledge as our foundation,
one is destined to become “POWERLESS“. (lady D)